Rainer Kurka (1974) began to learn carving sandstone at the age of 15 with the sculptor Reinhard Klesse in Bamberg.

In 1994 he matriculated in Architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt. There he met Prof. Ariel Auslender, who thaught him the essence of figure drawing and modelling. He fashioned figures in terracotta and bronze. Furthermore Kurka concentrated deeply on classical black-and-white photography.

Between 1997 and 1998 he studied at the Universitá degli Studi di Firenze in Florece/Italy. The encounter with the Italian Renaissance sculpture had a great and sustainable impact on himself and his works.

Working as assistant professor at the department of plastic design at the Technical University of Darmstadt Rainer Kurka did research on the application of concrete for artistic design and architecture. 

Rainer Kurka lives and works in Berlin.




Solo Exhibitions

2009  "Gegenwarten" Rosenheim-Museum, Offenbach

2008  "Plastiken", Galerie Sculptur, Bamberg

2007  "Stille Räume", Galerie Sculptur, Bamberg

2004  "Tra Cielo e Terra", Florence (Italy)



Group Exhibitions (selection)

2009   „Ausstellung zum Kunstpreis der Nürnberger Nachrichten", Kunsthaus Nürnberg

2005   „beziehungsweisen", Elisabethenstift, Darmstadt

2005   „Plein Air 2005", Academy of Arts in Szeged, Ungarn

2001   „Sichten 5", Technical University of Darmstadt

2001   „Interregno II", Technical University of Darmstadt

2000   „Kunst von uns X", Roßdorf

2000   „Bilder aus Thailand", Embassy of Thailand, Berlin

1999   „Interregno", Technical University of Darmstadt